Are “KETONES” the Keystones of Ellagic Acid?

Part 1 of The Secrets of Ellagic Acid

There's, Oh, so much more to raspberries than just good taste!

There’s, Oh, so much more to raspberries than just good taste!

Ever since Dr. Oz’s TV program last February where he hailed the presence and power of ketones in raspberries, there has been a lot of buzz about the weight control potential of that particular component in those ever delicious berries.

Keytones, are the molecules that give raspberries their unique flavor and aroma, that tangy hint of sweetness in the smell. They are also thought to have a unique role to play in our metabolism.

What a double treat! A fruit that tastes satisfyingly sweet that can also melt fat? Wow!

LiveSmart 360 Members know that one of our best selling products is 360 Ellagic Acid, made exclusively from raspberries. In fact, our literature states that one daily serving (4 capsules) is equivalent to 1 ½ cups of fresh raspberries.

So the questions to be asked are, if ketones are found in raspberries, can ketones be expected to be present in the 360 Ellagic Acid product, and, if so, is there a thermogenic (fat-burning) benefit to be derived?

We wanted to know those answers ourselves, so we went to our “go to guy” for questions nutraceutical, Dr. Hal Decker, who graciously supplied us with information from which the following is drawn.

1. When looking for so-called raspberry ketones for ketones’ sake, be sure that the source in the product is natural. Some are synthetic, and it’s a good bet that what God has created is a better and balanced ingredient than what man has tried to imitate.

2. Just as all produce is not equal, owing to soils, nutritional sources, growing conditions, etc., not all raspberries (and, by extension, not all ketones) are necessarily going to be the dynamic equivalent of each other.

Keystones notwithstanding, a handful of raspberries will not likely be enough to burn off the calories of this chocolate cake.

3. The apparent ability of raspberry ketones to break up fat cells, prevent obesity, and improve a fatty liver has not been proven in any human studies. Two fairly significant studies have been performed on mice, the results of which have raised the hope that similar results would be seen in the human population. But, so far, there appear to have been no studies with human subjects published in that context.

4. Apparently, there is enough science available to determine that IF the ketones work in people the way that they appear to work in the animal studies, the specific components in the ketones and the mechanisms involved seem to have been identified. Again, this holds great promise but not yet any proof.

5. According to Dr. Oz and quoted by Dr. Decker, “Researchers in Korea observed similar (fat-burning, anti-obesity) benefits, but drilled down to discover raspberry ketone’s impact on the ‘key hormone adiponectin,’ which regulates how the body handles sugars and fats in the blood. Essentially, researchers found, raspberry ketone burns stored fat, which is excellent news for dieters who have been trying to find a way to shift stubborn excess weight and have met resistance with diet and exercise alone.”

6. “Ultimately, as Dr. Oz notes, it’s possible to gain the same effect on weight loss from raspberry ketones just eating regular raspberries. Which are delicious! But you’d have to eat 90 lbs. of berries (!!) to replicate the condensed effect of raspberry ketones on weight loss, making it basically impossible. (And expensive.)”

One of the perks of picking raspberries was how many never made it into the baskets.

One of the perks of picking raspberries was how many never made it into the baskets.

7. So far, the government regulators seem to be giving a free pass to the use of raspberries to help burn off stored fat and prevent obesity, even in the absence of specific studies, simply because raspberries are classified as GRAS (“Generally Regarded As Safe”). After all, they’ve been around since Creation, and many a child and adult since then have gone into the woods and eaten in the wild as many as they picked to bring home without any apparent harm.

So, are KETONES the keystone of 360 Ellagic Acid? It’s probably too early to tell, especially when there is so much that we do know about the potency and effectiveness of the raspberry-derived ellagic acid that does warrant our attention. Otherwise, here’s the LiveSmart 360 approach.

• Enjoy fresh raspberries (in moderation) whenever you can. They’re tasty, they’re tangy, and they’re good for you.

• Eat healthy meals all the time (or at least as often as possible). In other words, it’s best not to crank on the weight and damage your liver in the first place.

At least one serving of Manna 360 each day.

At least one serving of Manna 360 each day.

• To balance nutrition, at least one daily serving of Manna 360™ can give your body the nutrients it needs without those weight-laden dead and empty calories from junk and processed foods.

• To control weight, substitute the Manna 360 for at least one meal each day. That has been a big help for a lot of people looking to control their waistlines.

• Take 360 Ellagic Acid as recommended. Whatever the equivalent ketone component in raspberries, it stands to reason that a 1½ cup equivalent serving of the fruit can only be healthy, regardless of how much or how little ketone is present.

NOTE: If you are one of those who feels the need to turn up your internal fat-burning furnace and get you past the weight loss wall that almost all of us face when we are trying to drop a few, judicious use of Manna Slim™, taken as directed, could be the answer.

• Take 360 Ellagic Acid for its incredible anti-oxidant and other properties. There’s much to learn and appreciate about this product apart from any weight control potentials. Look for Part 2 of The Secrets of Ellagic Acid.

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