Mom Finds Natural Remedy for Autistic Son

Mom Finds Natural Remedy for Autistic Son
The following is a testimony copy/pasted from a posting made to our Corporate Facebook Page on 12/13/13

"My son smiles at me!"

“My son smiles at me!”

Stay at home mom of 4, exotic pet zookeeper, wife, teacher… and even referee. these are all titles that i accept wholeheartedly. another one is mother of a child with Autism. when the letters PDD were being tossed around, it opened a whole new realm for us.

At first we followed the doctors orders. i didnt know any better, and wanted to believe that these “experts” had my childs best interest at heart. despite going to COUNTLESS therapy sessions, spending TONS of money between co-pays, babysitters, gas money, etc, i was still having to restrain my son several times a week, fight him every moment of every day to take his medication, and witness side effects of these pharmaceuticals. i looked everywhere for help. the information on autism and PDD was overwhelming to say the least. Hell, i even read an article that claimed katsup was to blame for autism! at this point, what do i avoid? Gluten, sugar, carbs, strawberries…. katsup?? what do i add?

A friend of mine who was helping me do research, told me about some beneficial supplements to try. a simple combination of heavy doses of good quality (no preservatives and appropriate peroxide levels) fish oil and a good quality probiotic. This came at a perfect time, as i experienced one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Once again i believed that the doctors were looking out for my sons best interest, and even had some compelling arguments for adding medications…. so i agreed.

Any mother i’m sure can understand the terror of what i was about to go through. my son became completely delusional. he would have black outs, where i could see in his eyes that no one was there. he tried to throw himself out a window….. my 7 yr old son was trying to kill himself!!! come to find out this was caused by hallucinations! i was horrified. TERRIFIED!!!!
i was loosing my son. my 7 yr old beautiful baby boy…..

That’s it i thought, i cannot allow this to happen. i took charge of my sons medical care. the doctors REFUSED to believe that this was a result from the medication, even though side effects were listed in the manufactures information! HOW DARE THEY!!! i was angry. i was appalled….. i was MOTIVATED…. yes motivated to take charge and DEDICATED to my sons recovery from autism.

I prayed and took the plunge. off the medication he went. i weaned him off as fast as i safely could. i put him on Fish oil and probiotics as fast as i could. it was HUGE leap of faith, i noticed a difference almost immediately. i waited to treat with the supplements after he was off the dangerous medication and the potency effects were almost all out of his system. within 24 hrs my son was less anxious, less in pain, and less angry. it just got better from there….. its been almost a year now since I’ve restrained my son. he is so close to being off every last bit of his medication. he only takes 1 now and we are in the process of eliminating it. he craves the fish oil and i we both definitely notice a difference when we get lazy and skip a day. he has gotten so good at remembering to take it himself! he knows it helps! i know it helps!!! shoot even the football coach/friend has noticed a difference

MY SON PLAYS FOOTBALL!!!!! on a team!!!! with other kids!!!!!
he comes to me with problems and questions
he looks at me in the eye……
i see my son behind the label “autism”
i see a bright future for my son.
without the help of my friends who gave me advice and LiveSmart 360 products, i have to say that i would still be in a black hole wondering which way was up and how we were going to manage our lives and my sons future.
thank you livesmart for creating this product to not only help save the health of my family, but save the life of my son
  1. hi! Would be so grateful if this Mom would share what LiveSmart 360 products she used and how she’s done it. I also have an autistic kid who i hope will benefit frim these products as well. Thanks in advance.

  2. Very inspiring indeed! I love 360 products, they are real quality products.

    • Thank you Audria for sharing your thoughts. We’re so happy you think so.

  3. A person I know has an autistic child, she is desperately looking for a remedy for her kid. I presented her LiveSmart360 and she would be really interested in trying the products, but she would like to know exactly which products and quantities have been used. Would it be possible to put me in touch with this mother??? Thanks a lot!

  4. I feel great when I read this story, because my nephew had thanks me for the manna 360 too. He is in the school band and he has share how much energetic he feels since taking Manna 360.

  5. My nephew has autism and need help so desperately. How did the Livesmat 360 help this child. It would be so good to get my nephew off medication. Can you tell me more about how this mother did this. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hello Annie. We would be happy to put you in touch with the person mentioned in our article. We’ll have her contact you directly.

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