Money – There’s Never Enough to Go Around

BudgetWoes-151568516-300Need extra money? These days, who doesn’t? Despite the under-reported figures we get from the media, anybody who has gone to a grocery store lately comes away with the feeling that somebody isn’t telling the truth about rising prices. When it comes to money, there’s never enough to go around. And that’s just one outgo looking for dollars we don’t have to spend. There are many. Bottom line is that there is always more month at the end of every paycheck.

How about a second (or third) job?

Not too many years ago, the need for extra cash could be met by taking on an extra job. Today, not so much – especially with so many companies cutting back on hours to avoid mandates under the new health laws. That means that many families are already working at least one part-time job and need to add at least one more. This creates a situation where there are way more applicants than there are positions to fill.

If there are no jobs, then what?

Ideally, when “jobs” (working for someone else) have been scarce in a cash crunch, folks have been able to “go in business for themselves”. They’d coChildren with lemonade standme up with an idea, a product, a service, and set about making it available.

These days, however, with the increasing regulations, fees, licenses, inspections, environmental impact studies, etc., there doesn’t seem to be an end to the red tape, roadblocks, and capital hemorrhaging that startups invariable get hit with – IF they can find a source of money to get off the ground in the first place.

So, what to do?

Regardless of the state of the economy at any given time, there is one industry that has become a magnet, a literal haven, for those needing to enhance their cash flow. And with careful selection and good business practices, not only has it provided the necessary funds for families in crises, it has consistently led to the creation of more millionaires than any other segment of the marketplace. It’s been known by a number of names, but these days it is best referred to as “social marketing”.

What in the world is “social marketing”?

SocialMarketing-179521495-300It is widely recognized that the most powerful influence in getting someone to try or explore something new is the recommendation of a friend, something that all of us do almost instinctively. From the restaurants we frequent, to the movies we watch, the products we buy, and the services we use, we can’t seem to stop talking about those experiences with others. Social marketing capitalizes on that tendency by paying us for our recommendations. Incentivizing consumers to do more effectively what they would do naturally accelerates the rate at which those recommendations are made. It’s basically as simple as that.

Why do so many find it so attractive?

There can be numerous advantages, but here are a few.

  • Most involve very little or modest cash outlays to get started. Compared to what a typical business would cost to get started, it can be a “steal”.
  • You don’t have to go it alone. Reputable companies provide a solid network of helps, materials, training, and mentoring. The better and more established the base company is, the more “turnkey” will be the business you acquire.
  • There’s not nearly the learning curve there can be with a typical standalone enterprise.
  • You become your own boss, dictating how much of your time and effort you choose to devote to developing your business. There is no punch clock when you work from home.
  • Within certain international commercial guidelines, there is usually no limit to where you can go with your business or how fast or big you want to grow it.
  • There is an unprecedented opportunity for time and financial freedom unrealized by conventional jobs.
  • It provides the chance to do some basic work really well one time and get paid repeatedly afterwards. (This feature is called “residual income.”)

How do you pick the right company?

The key to being successful is in picking the right company with the right products or services that actually make a difference in people’s lives and at a price that theSocialMarketing-99273709-300 average family can afford and would spend anyway.

Once those issues are settled, the rest is fairly simple. What benefits you financially is that the company will pay YOU (rather than some mega-corporation) to tell people you know and meet why you like and use the products/services.

A big advantage these days is that the better companies do not expect you to buy or pay for products/services before you sell them. Instead, they pay a commission on products/services people purchase (often online) because you have recommended them. Those companies also typically furnish you with your own website as part of your agreement with them.

Are there any downsides?

As with any type of business or industry, it will have its detractors (those who don’t understand or are afraid to try for themselves) or those whose activities – even in a good company – might cause the industry in general to have a bad reputation. That’s nothing new.

ExtraCash-300But don’t let someone else’s questionable behavior rob you of the chance to better provide for yourself and your family. Just as stories about quack doctors don’t keep us from seeking medical attention when we need it, and reports of bad restaurants don’t keep us from going out to eat, people of character and determination always seem to rise above any negativity and thrive. We simply find good places to patronize and represent and go on with life.

So, need some extra cash? See what social marketing and a superior product line could do for you.



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